Community Alert: Burglary Prevention

Provided by Crime Awareness Unit of the DeKalb Police Department
25 September 2009


There have been an increase in the number of Burglary incidents reported. A
number of these incidents were storage sheds or utility rooms/closets as the
target. The Detectives are diligently working on each incident reported and
would like to suggest the following:
1) Verify that the locking mechanism used on the storage shed or utility room is in good working condition and the doors with “play” or are loose when locks are engaged should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible
2) Advise trusted neighbors of your work schedule, so when a vehicle and/or persons are seen at your home when you are away, they will call 911 to report it
3) Ensure that window & door frames are sturdy; check for dry rot on older doors and windows
4) Do not make it obvious that no one is inside the residence; use timers on lights and televisions
5) If a Suspicious Person or Vehicle is seen, dial 911 immediately for an officer to respond
6) Evaluate the security measures installed in your individual home for effective performance (alarm systems, locks, window security, etc.)

Ways to possibly avoid becoming a victim:
• Secure your home to the best of your ability; do not leave doors or windows open or unlocked when not at the residence
• Lock your vehicle parked in your driveway or under carport at all times
• Use outside lighting to increase the visibility around your home by installing outdoor lighting, such as motion sensor lights
• Call 911 for any suspicious persons or vehicles in your community
• Communicate with your neighbors on any suspicious activity seen

*** Remember if you don’t inform the Police,
the Police don’t know what’s happening in your neighborhood. ***