Crime Watch


Quality of life in our community is everybody’s business. We are individually and collectively responsible for the safety and security of ourselves, families, neighbors and our homes.

Yes, we pay tax dollars for our police department, but the police are primarily a reactive agency. They do an excellent job after the fact, but if we are going to prevent crime before it occurs, that burden falls upon us, the citizens.

The Neighborhood Crime Watch Program is a Crime Prevention Program which enhances neighborhoods in many respects. Concerned neighbors, safe neighborhoods, communication among neighbors, awareness, and attention to home security are just some of enhancements the program can make. Not only is the program effective, it is free.

Neighborhood Blocks and Block Captains

  • Block Captains are integral to our neighborhood safety and grass root effort to get more participation from our residents.  The purpose of the Block Captain position is to get to know your neighbors and help develop a sense of community and safety within your area.
  • Each block consists of 8-10 homes and the Block Captain would be the primary contact for these homes.
  • The Block Captain would provide an essential point of contact between the area and the WHNA Board by providing the Neighborhood Watch Coordinators with your area's Crime Alerts, Out of Town Contact Information, and New Neighbor Alerts.

To see the neighborhood blocks click HERE.


    CRIMETRAC is an innovative mapping system designed to give citizens a first hand look at crime statistics in unincorporated DeKalb County. CRIMETRAC is another element of the Department's Interactive Community Policing (ICP) Unit's partnership with the community. Through ICP the Department has engaged citizens in the fight against crime and raised public confidence. The goal of CRIMETRAC is to reduce the fear of crime through better informed citizenry and improve the quality of life in DeKalb County.


    • Innovative mapping system for citizens
    • Provides accurate and timely crime data in the form of reports and maps
    • Informs citizens of activities taking place in their own neighborhoods
    • Citizen friendly and easy to use

    Using CRIMETRAC is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

    1. Search
    - By Address
    - By Crime
    2. Focus
    - Number of crimes within radius
    - Number of crimes near specific address
    3. Obtain Report
    - Data Range
    - Crime Type

    A Burglar Tells All

    Find out the tricks of the trade of a convicted burglar from Charlotte NC. As part of a plea bargain for his crimes, he detailed his methods of burglarizing homes for more than a decade. Click Here for the full document.