Code Enforcement


There are four (4) ways to contact the code enforcement department to report complaints:
Note: Most complaints can remain anonymous, it is not required that you identify your name, address, and phone number

After reporting an infraction, below are the suggested procedures to follow-up on the complaint:

  • When initially reporting infractions request an officer to provide an update after the inspection.
  • Contact the office via telephone, email, fax or mail to request an update after a complaint has been reported.

Code of DeKalb

Below is a list of common code violations. For a complete listing of the codes for DeKalb county, please refer to "Code of the County of DeKalb, Georgia."

  • Grass and Weeds - Must be maintained below 12 inches in height.
  • Debris - It is unlawful to maintain on property for more than seven (7) calendar day any used or damaged lumber, junk, trash, scrap metal, concrete, sand, asphalt, can, bottles, tires, abandoned, discarded, inoperative or unusable furniture, stove, refrigerator, sink toilet, or other household fixtures, yard waste or equipment that would be visible from the public street, alley or from an adjoining property.
  • Fences - May only be 4 feet high in the front yard, or 8 feet high in the side or rear yard. Fences must be maintained in good repair, and should be made out of materials suitable for fence construction.

    Per Dekalb Co Sec 5.4.7.A.2.  "No wall or fence shall be constructed in any public right-of-way", so obtain a survey or field locate your property pins set back from the street curb anywhere between 5-15.'  The right of way is between 40 to 60 feet depending on your street.

  • Inoperable Vehicles - No owner or occupant of any premises shall park any inoperable vehicle or permit any other person to park any inoperable vehicle on premises for more than seventy-two (72) hours, unless the inoperable vehicle is parked in an enclosed structure.
  • Unregistered and Unlicensed Motor Vehicles - Any vehicle that is unregistered or has an expired registration or does not have a lawful license plate or lawful temporary tag, which plate or tag is currently registered to the vehicle displayed thereon. A court summon will be issued upon the first inspection no warning notice will be given.
  • Parking on the Grass - Is prohibited.
  • Commercial Vehicles - Are restricted in residential zones. Business vehicles such as passenger cars, pick-ups, or ordinary passenger vans must be parked in a carport, or to the side or rear of the house. Other commercial vehicles (e.g. Semi tractors, panel vans, school buses, and cargo vans) may not be kept in a residential zone.
  • Boats and Trailers - May only be parked to the side or rear of one’s house, or within a carport or garage

Code Violations

When a property owner or tenant is found to be in violation with the Property Maintenance Code or the Zoning Ordinance, he or she may be issued a warning giving them a set period to come into compliance or a court summon. Failure to comply with the warning will result in the issuance of a citation to appear in court.