Toll Brothers Milledge Place Project Meeting – May 28

The Toll Bros. Milledge Place Project will be on the agenda for the Tuesday, May 28 Board of Commissioners Meeting.  The meeting will be at Maloof Auditorium 1300 Commerce Drive, Decatur, starting at 6:30pm.  Please attend if you are available.

This item is early on the agenda so it will come up quickly and we'll be done. It's good to arrive early to get the handout.

It is absolutely essential that we have a large turnout to voice our concerns for this project.  All of the earlier meetings lead to trying to get a Zoning Decision at this meeting that is favorable to us!  There will be stickers and/or colored cards available at the entrance to identify neighborhood(s) attendees to the Commissioners.  Everyone that is affected by the already bad traffic at this intersection should attend, and everyone that appreciates our neighborhood great tree cover should attend.  Commissioner Rader has shown he is willing to listen when his constituents are present.

Thanks and See You There,
Woodland Hills Neighborhood Association