MARTA Recap: Your Feedback is Needed

I wanted to reach out to everyone and say thank you for those who attended the meeting tonight at Westminster Church.  I know that I learned a lot and I heard a lot of opinions tonight.

To recap the meeting:

  • At this point MARTA is looking at three different options (Heavy Rail, Light Rail, and "converted" Heavy/Light) and three different levels (below ground, at ground level and elevated).
  • MARTA is starting to talk to CSX about using their right of way above or below grade, but at grade isn't an option.
  • Right of way acquisitions seem like a virtual certainty for plans at or above grade plans (unknown how much if any right of way acquisitions will have to be made for a below grade plan.

MARTA is currently in Phase 2 of their initial analysis phase, it is their intention to come out of Phase 2 within a few months with one plan that will go forward.  This plan will then get approved and them move forward to an environmental analysis to find out if the plan is even possible.  If the plan isn't possible, they go back and adopt another plan.

Based on the conversations tonight, I would like to get feedback from you as residents.  It is imperative that we have one voice.

Please email me your comments and concerns so WHNA makes sure we represent our residents.  You can email me at


Brad Grulke
WHNA President