Title: CCTMA/MARTA Open House
Location: Torah Day School Gym 1985 Lavista Road Atlanta, GA 30329
Link out: Click here
Description: Have you ever found yourself stuck somewhere between Lindbergh, Emory, or Decatur?
Have you ever found it dicult to leave your neighborhood or oce just to
run a few errands or visit friends for dinner?
What can we do about it?
The good news is that MARTA has launched the Clifton Corridor Transit Initiative in an eort to develop
transit improvements for the area between Lindbergh Center and the City of Decatur.
As a rst step, MARTA has partnered with the Clifton Corridor Transportation Management Association
(CCTMA) to conduct an Alternatives Analysis to help identify the best ways to connect activity
centers in this heavily traveled corridor using transit.
Now we need your help!
You are invited to attend an open house to learn about transportation problems in the Clifton Corridor
and help us determine the best ways to address them with transit solutions.
Tell your friends, co-workers, classmates, and neighbors!
When you attend these sessions, you will become a transit planner, so come ready to work!
Start Time: 17:00
Date: 2010-03-16
End Time: 20:00

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