LLCC General Membership Meeting

Title: LLCC General Membership Meeting
Location: Westminster Church 1438 Shridan Rd Atlanta GA, 30324
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Description: LLCC General Membership Meeting Perkins+Will Report

At the upcoming general meeting we will describe the proposed method for moving through the planning process and discuss how best to tailor this to the particular needs of the LLCC and neighborhood stakeholders. We not only welcome, but vigorously request any and all comments and opinions of plans that have been completed, ideas about the area and its future, as well as comments that address our proposals for moving forward in this process. The more participation we have in this process, the better the ultimate recommendations and plan will be. Our goal is to assist you in the creation of a vision for the future that is in accord with the communities\' aspirations.

Link to Blueprints Study Report:
Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2010-03-11
End Time: 21:30

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