DeKabl Budget Cuts / Briar Vista Elementary

I've taken this excerpt from the Briar Vista Elementary PTA website.  There has been a lot of concern because Briar Vista Elementary is on the "short" list of DeKabl schools to be potentially closed.  The below information is to inform and to get you involved.

Important DeKalb Budget Cuts Information

This has been a rocky couple of months for Briar Vista and the DeKalb County Board of Education.  A group of BVS parents has been very involved with the DeKalb County Board of Eduction budget process and have joined together with other Montessori schools to keep the Montessori method of learning safe in our county.  The good news is that our efforts have paid off.  The Board of Education has taken Montessori off of the table and it WILL still be in DeKalb County schools next year.

The next obstacle faced by Briar Vista is that we have been put on a short list of schools slated for possible closure next year.  It is thought that between 4 and 12 schools will be closed.  We are hopeful that Briar Vista will not be one of them.

The best thing to come of all of this turmoil is that our Briar Vista community is joining together.  If we continue to present a united front, we have a great chance of keeping our school here in our neighborhood - and the program will be stronger as a result.

What can you do to help?

Visit the BVS school blog, for the latest information on upcoming board meetings:

Another blog set up by concerned DeKalb parents

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Read the minutes from our General PTA Meeting on March 9, 2010 here

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