Community Alert – Spring/Summer Burglary Prevention

From J.A. Hightower
Public Education Specialist
DeKalb Police - Center Precinct
1960 W. Exchange Place, Tucker, Ga. 30084
770-724-7616 ofc – 770-724-7605 fax

*** Remember if you don’t inform the Police, the Police don’t know what’s happening in your neighborhood. ***
Provided by Crime Awareness Unit of the DeKalb Police Department 12 May 2009
Together Let’s Avoid the “Spring/Summer Burglaries”
When the weather warms up, there tends to be an increase in the number of burglaries reported. DeKalb Police wants to remind all on increasing your awareness to decrease the possibility of becoming a victim by:

1) During the Summer Vacation, if you are not home during the day, be aware of persons visiting your children; ask neighbors to keep a watchful eye for unwanted activity and report it immediately

2) Reviewing the security measures throughout your home & property; Ensure outside lighting is functioning properly by changing bulbs and replacing old wiring to increase the visibility around your home

3) Remove fans from windows and secure window A/C units so they are not easily removed; do not leave doors or windows open

4) Maintain property by trimming shrubbery and lawns regularly to avoid providing hiding places

5) Utilize all security mechanisms installed in your home (i.e. locks, alarm systems, light & sound timers); keep updated contacts with the monitoring company

6) Avoid advertising the purchase of flat screens & electronics, by breaking down boxes and dispose of in black garbage bags; use drapes/blinds to lessen the visibility of these items of the outside

7) Lock your vehicle parked in your driveway or under the carport at all times; remove valued items (i.e. laptops, GPS systems, change, tools, etc.)

8) Remove any objects to aide a criminal: i.e. ladders, tools, projectile objects

9) Communicate with your neighbors on suspicious activity seen and always CALL 911 for any suspicious persons, vehicles or activity seen

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