WHNA Crime Alert Mailbox Tampering

Dear Residents,

Thanks to our residents for passing on the following email.

" Over the last few days, we have confronted kids who are tampering with mailboxes in the neighborhood. They are in their early teens. We have observed them opening mailboxes and reviewing the contents. We're not sure if they are actually taking the mail because we immediately confront them.

The first time, on Thursday, they simply ran when they were approached. On Saturday, they became combative so we followed them and took pictures. Luckily, there was an APD car patrolling the neighborhood. The officer took immediate action, but the kids ran and were not caught."

Thanks to Perry and Mike for passing on the information.  Be sure to check the links below for more crime updates.

Brad Grullke
President, WHNA
Have a great Labor Day.

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