Clifton Corrdior Transit Initiative

For those of you unable to attend last Sunday's meeting regarding the upcoming development of the Clifton Corridor Transit Initiative, LCCC has created minutes of the meetings to keep you up to speed.

To view the minutes from the first meeting held in Woodland Hills click Here.

Thanks again to the Lapse's, Jane Rawlings (LLCC's transportation head, LLCC, and Heather Alhadeff (a Perkins + Will Senior Transportation Planner) for putting together such a great meeting.

Ms. Alhadeff has been hired to help as an adviser to work on behalf of the concerned residents and businesses of Lindridge-Martin Manor, LaVista Park, Woodland Hills, and Morningside-Lenox Park, the Cheshire Bridge Business node and the Zonolite Business node.

Her goals are to conduct the tasks listed below for each of the neighborhoods until the Alternatives Analysis study is finalized.

1.Provide facts and technical information about the project

2.Answer questions

3.Collect and share outstanding questions for MARTA and to provide their responses

4.Collect feedback, concerns, and ideas from residents to be compiled into an area-wide report to be shared with MARTA

For those of you not aware, this project will use the CSX corridor (south or Arnold Ave) as a transportation route from Lindbergh Station to Emory and end at Avondale.

For more information on the project, please visit.


Brad Grulke, President WHNA

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