1489 LaVista Road Redevelopment

Dear Residents,
First and foremost I want to say thank you to the 40-50 residents that packed the room for this meeting.
The purpose of the meeting was to determine if the changes proposed to the property were minor (meaning they would be approved and that would be the end of it) or were the changes major (meaning a meeting with the Board of Commissioners).
The arbitrator ruled that the changes to the property are major, meaning we will have a say in the development of this property.  Ultimately we were able to achieve this result because of your passion and belief in this neighborhood.  THANK YOU.
Unfortunately, this isn't the finish line.  Its the starting line.  Where we go from hear next is up in the air.  It could be a GDOT meeting regarding the true impact of this property on LaVista Rd if they were granted full access, or it could be the Board of Commissioners.
When I know more, you will know more.
Thanks again for all of your efforts and support.
Brad Grulke
WHNA President

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