URGENT: 1489 LaVista Road Update

Dear Residents,

Wednesday was the 1st meeting regarding the redevelopment of 1489 LaVista Road. It was with the Zoning Board of Appeals. Both Dr. Jacobson and the surrounding neighborhoods asked for and were granted a deferral until the vehicular access to the property is discussed at next Monday's DeKalb County Planning and Development Department Public Hearing.

Monday's meeting is absolutely crucial. We have learned that the DeKalb Planning Department has already agreed to signed off on the entrance from the property to and from Shepherds Lane with limited access from LaVista (no access to LaVista). They considered this a "minor" change. Without a strong turn out on Monday this will become a REALITY.


The meeting will be held on September 13th at 6pm at 330 W Pounce de Leon Ave, Decatur, GA 30030 on the 1st floor in Conference Room A. Please make every effort to attend. If you cannot drive there, let me know and we will find you transportation.

Woodland HIlls position on Shepherds Lane access is as follows:

No vehicular access onto Shepherds Lane from this property

We have several concerns regarding Shepherds Lane car access.

1. Shepherds Lane is a residential street.
2. At the other end of Shepherds Lane, we already have curb cut access to three businesses: QuikTrip, Marcus Institute, and Shepherds Construction. One of WHNA long term goals is to maintain and enhance the residential integrity of Shepherds Lane. By allowing driveway access to Shepherds Lane by another business, we open up the possibility of more "developmental creep."
3. While today we are only talking about this property, there is a long term possibility that the south side of LaVista Road from Shepherds Lane up to the church could be redeveloped as a whole. Next to 1489 LaVista, heading towards Briarcliff, are two existing O&I properties (1493 and 1501 LaVista) and Sloan Square Apartments. It is our understanding that the business owners at 1493 and 1501 are nearing the end of their careers and may be open to selling those properties. Also, it has been brought to our attention that Sloan Square may want to redevelop in the near future. If these three properties, with or without Sloan Square, get redeveloped together, we could not only be looking at a single property accessing Shepherds Lane, but possibly an entire office park.

For those reasons, we are completely against car access to Shepherds Lane.

We propose that Dr. Jacobson should be granted full access to and from LaVista Road. No other business on LaVista has limited access to LaVista Road, why is this property any different?


Brad Grulke
WHNA President

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