PLEASE JOIN US for our quarterly general assembly meeting this Thursday, April 29th at 7:30pm at Peachtree Baptist Church on the corner of Briarcliff and LaVista.

Among the topics we will be talking about are...
  • Crime Update from Dekalb Police Department
  • LLCC Update
  • Membership Drive and Neighborhood BBQ
  • Introducing the Shepard's Lane Initiative
  • Cleaning up our neighborhood Signs
  • Briar Vista Elementary-as you may or may not know, Briar Vista was one of the schools that was on the "danger of closing list."  Luckily, it is not closing.  We have invited numerous parents of children who attend Briar Vista to give us their opinions of the school and also update us on any new news.
If you haven't been lately, please try and be there.  I promise to keep it as short as possible (last meeting was done in under an hour).
Hope to see you there!

Brad Grulke
Woodland Hills Neighborhood Association

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