Volunteers Needed

Please help us.  We all know that Woodland Hills is a great place to live.  But it isn't a very tight knit community.  We are working hard to change that.
In order to continue our progress, we need you.

We need you to help us say hello to our residents, and make them aware of our neighborhood organization by knocking on every door in this neighborhood to promote our organization.  (Did you know we only have email addresses for 40% of the homes in our neighborhood)

I know it seems like a tough thing to do, going to a strangers door, and if we were selling subscriptions to the Saturday Evening Post, you'd be right.
But all we are doing is trying to raise awareness of the neighborhood association.  You'd be surprised how happy residents are to meet a new neighbor.

We can't cover the neighborhood by ourselves--PLEASE volunteer to help us meet each of our neighbors face to face.

The dates of the drive are:
April 17th 2-4pm
April 24th noon-2pm
May 1st 11am-1pm
If you are available to help us, let me know.  Whether you can do one day or all three, your help is critical to moving this neighborhood forward.

Thanks for volunteering.

Brad Grulke

Woodland Hills Neighboorhood Association