Area Crime Update

Dear Residents,

I wanted to updated you that gun shots were reported fired at 3:30 AM Monday morning. The shots were heard by a Woodland Hills resident at the 2200 block of Arlington Ave. The resident reports hearing 5 rapid shots followed by a pause, one more shot, and a car speeding off. The resident called 911 and reported the shots to the police.

If you would like more information in our area, DeKalb County Police Department provides a link to a crime mapping service. The like is posted below.

Once you are on the site, you can type in a specific address at the top of the page; zoom in and out on the map to see the entire county or just our neighborhood; sort by range of dates; or click on individual reports to see types of crime. The information on this site reflects how the initial 911 call was reported. In some cases, the report may be changed to a different category or removed all together depending on the on-going or final outcome of investigation by police.

If you would like to help keep our neighborhood safe, I encourage you to join Woodland Hills Neighborhood Watch as a block captain. For more information please email me at

Thank you for doing your part to help keep Woodland Hills safe by not hesitating to call 911.


Kate Martin

Woodland Hills Neighborhood Association