Make your New Year’s Resolution to improve Woodland Hills Safety!

Hello and Happy New Year!!!
Woodland Hills Neighborhood Association is currently seeking residents to strengthen our Neighborhood Watch by volunteering to be a Block Captain.

  • Block Captains are integral to our neighborhood safety and grass root effort to get more participation from our residents. The purpose of the Block Captain position is to get to know your neighbors and help develop a sense of community and safety within your area.
  • Each block consists of 8-10 homes and the Block Captain would be the primary contact for these homes.
  • The Block Captain would provide an essential point of contact between the area and the WHNA Board by providing the Neighborhood Watch Coordinators with your area's Crime Alerts, Out of Town Contact Information, and New Neighbor Alerts.

Nearly every street in Woodland Hills is under represented. If you would like to change this and help increase safety in our neighborhood please email Kate Martin at

To see a diagram depicting the blocks within Woodland Hills, click on the Crime Watch page, or click HERE.

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