North Druid Hills LCI

From Commissioner Jeff Rader:

Earlier this year, DeKalb County was awarded a grant to develop a long-range plan for development in the North Druid Hills Road corridor from Buford Highway to Clairmont Road. The county commissioners accepted a bid from an outside company, Arcadis, to conduct the study and write a plan. Public participation and feedback will be a major and leading part of the study. The plan will address three primary issues -- transportation, land use and connectivity. How to alleviate the traffic congestion in the corridor? How to manage future development in order to become a Lifelong Community (see paragraph above)? How to improve access to and from the corridor to other pockets within the district? The cost of the study is $150,000 with 80 percent coming from the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) via its Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) program. The other 20 percent of the funding is from the county's general transportation fund. To read my lengthier discussion of the North Druid Hills LCI: For information about the LCI:

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