July 2009 WHNA General Assembly Meeting Minutes

Woodland Hills Neighborhood Association
Quarterly General Assembly Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM.

Crime Report
Officer Jenny Miller gave an update on crime committed in the neighborhood over the
last quarter. There were a couple of burglaries to vacant homes, a few crime break-ins,
and a car was stolen. According to Office Miller, the cars were unlocked and valuables
were in plain sight. She reminded the assembly to always lock vehicles and remove any
The notorious tenant of the yellow house neighboring the Publix on LaVista has been
evicted. The previous tenant had a strong reputation for dealing illegal drugs and criminal
Follow up on the string of violent crimes along Briarcliff in March of this year: Two
arrests were made for the attacks and the stabbing of the jogger. The alleged attackers
were roommates and are still in custody.
Office Miller stressed to the assembly several times to never hesitate to call 911
whenever any suspicious occurs. A non emergency contact number to reach police is
770-724-7600. If you see a crime in progress definitely call 911. Office Miller’s email
address is JAMiller@co.dekalb.ga.us. Crime Track can be found by accessing the
DeKalb County Police Department website at www.dekalbpolice.com. There is a link at
the bottom of the homepage.

Recap of Recent Meetings
Kate Martin read the minutes from the last General Assembly meeting held on April 16,
the last WHNA Board meeting held on June 25 , and the Zonolite Park Envisioning

LLCC Update
Henry Batten updated assembly on current Lindbergh LaVista Corridor Coalition
happenings. LLCC has just been granted 5013C tax exempt status. Any donations granted
to LLCC are now tax deductible! WHNA Board member Amy Chism has joined the
LLCC board and will represent Woodland Hills' interests. Henry provided updates on the
development of the Confluency Park and Zonolite Park. More information regarding
these initiatives can be found at www.lindberghlavista.org.
On September 10th the LLCC will host a meeting and formal presentation of the results of
the Blueprints Study. The meeting will be held at Westminster Presbyterian Church.
There will also be a Georgia Department of Transportation representative at the meeting
discussing the GA 400 ramp changes.

Membership Drive Recap
The WHNA Board efforts to raise membership using postcards, emails, door to door
canvassing resulted in a turn out of 60 people at the very wet BBQ in May. We will make
the BBQ an annual event. Amy Chism did a great job breaking down the details of the
neighborhood residency. Through the boards efforts membership grew from 10
households to 70 out of 460 homes.

Neighborhood Watch
Kate Martin discussed the board’s current focus on growing and strengthening our
neighborhood watch. We would like to extend the neighborhood watch to be more of the
foundation of the neighborhood association. We have divided the neighborhood into 50
blocks of 8-10 homes. Each block would have an “area representative” responsible for
maintaining contact with the other homes in the area. The area rep would provide an
essential point of contact between the block and the WHNA board, and would help us to
keep in better touch with the residents of our 460 homes. In addition to being a point of
contact, area reps would also serve on as welcoming committee whenever anyone moves
into their block or area along with representatives from the WHNA Board. Area Reps
would serve as a “travel contact”. When a neighbor is traveling or going out of town they
can notify their area rep and the area rep will keep an eye out for suspicious activity.

Volunteer Meeting
We will hold a volunteer “meet and greet” for those residents who have already
volunteered their time. The meet and greet will be in late August at Loco’s. We will
discuss what opportunities are available for volunteers, enjoy some food and drink, and

What’s next
The board met in June and voted on what we should do next.
1 – Area Reps/getting to know residences
2- Movie night in the fall – possibly held in the front lawn at Briarvista Elementary
3- Neighborhood Entrance Signs – at Shepherds, BriarVista Terr and Briarcliff.

Board Elections
Board Elections will be held in the fall of October 2008.
Meeting was concluded at 8:40 PM.

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  1. Just wanted let you all know our car was broken into last Friday night. They looked through the car and stole a camera. Car was unlocked. It happened in our driveway.

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