Executive Park Development

From Commissioner Jeff Rader:

Final approval was granted for "The Park Druid Hills," a mixed-use development for the space occupied by the current Executive Park office complex (I-85 and North Druid Hills Road). This project incorporates several recommendations from the Quad Area Study conducted in 2007.

Those elements include green space, street boulevards with urban context, traffic calming techniques, and a street network that eventually can connect to other sections of the quad area bisected by North Druid Hills Road and Briarcliff Road. The feedback at public meetings, and through my office, indicated the surrounding neighborhoods were comfortable with the proposed location and density for this project.

The Quad Area study helped us to articulate a vision for the area, which in turn compelled the developers to implement the community's wishes. This project could set a new standard for public space in the district or county.

[The QAS report is available at: http://www.commissionerrader.com/issues/issue33.html]

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