South Fork Conservancy

South Fork Conservancy
Rich Sussman (from LLCC newsletter)

On Thursday evening June 18, the South Fork Conservancy will be hosting a meeting to bring the LLCC neighborhoods up to date on their efforts to link the communities adjoining the South Fork of Peachtree Creek. It is the vision of the South Fork Conservancy to protect and restore approximately 1,100 acres of greenspace by establishing a 31-mile network of connections along the creek. Some of this land is already in public ownership, including parks and sewer rights-of-way; other portions are under commercial and industrial use. Surprisingly, not a great amount is residential.

This effort of the Conservancy dovetails nicely into the Blueprints plan which our neighborhoods participated in last year. The Blueprints plan identified several of the key links, such as the Zonolite Park property and the sewer rights-of-way in Lindridge Martin Manor.

In fact, the Zonolite Park section will be featured during the June 18 meeting. Between now and June 18 significant portions of the Zonolite Park property leading toward Emory University will be readied for preliminary public access. Attending the June 18th meeting will be our chance to experience how the efforts of the Conservancy may be applied throughout the entire 31 miles.

Please save the date--June 18--probably between 6:00pm to 9:00pm in the Zonolite Road area. Specific details will be provided in next month's newsletter.

For more information, please see the LLCC website.