WHNA Membership Drive, Volunteers Needed

By WHNA president, Brad Grulke

I wanted to make you aware that we are doing our first annual membership drive this spring. Throughout the last few years we have had many people join the Woodland Hills Neighborhood Association. However, in order to make this association what it can be, we need more members and for our existing members to renew their membership.
The membership drive will run during April and May, culminating in a Neighborhood BBQ on Saturday May 16th. One of the main goals of our association is to become more of a community.
In order to reach our membership goals, we will be going door to door to raise membership and awareness.
The dates are:

  • April 18th 2-4pm
  • A pril 25th 10am-noon
  • May 2nd 10am-noon.

Please volunteer to help us meet each of our neighbors face to face. If you are available to help us, let me know. Whether you can do one day or all three, your help is critical to moving this neighborhood forward.
Below is more information about what the Association has accomplished so far and what we hope to do going forward.

Brad Grulke

Woodland Hills Neighborhood Association

Accomplishments so far:

  1. Significantly reduced crime with the creation of Neighborhood Watch along with the increased involvement of the Dekalb County Police Department
  2. Created a partnership with neighboring communities to establish our voice regarding continuing development in our area
  3. Built and continue to maintain the community website that provides valuable resources to members

Going forward we will continue to build our community by:

  1. Ensuring an organization exists that is capable of taking swift action when needed to protect the goals of members
  2. Alerting members to proposed zoning changes or similar government action that may impact the Woodland Hills neighborhood
  3. Planning and executing appropriate action on behalf of members as deemed necessary
  4. Organizing neighborhood events that will give members the opportunity to interact with each other